“My commitment to helping others achieve youthful beauty is what inspired me to establish the Forever Young By Matty brand.”

The Forever Young by Matty “Beauty Pillow for Anti-Ageing” is the ideal solution to reduce the creation and appearance of sleep lines. As most of us get older, anti ageing treatments are something we begin to care about. We become more concerned about our skincare routine. Yet despite our best efforts, many of us unknowingly cause damage to our skin during our nightly slumbers. Repeated compression of your face against your pillow, night after night, can create fine lines and wrinkles, that deepen over time. The forehead is a common area for the sleep lines to appear as the weight of your head presses and folds the skin over, causing one big vertical line. Your laugh lines also become even deeper when pressed against your pillow and sleeping on your side or tummy can also push in the delicate skin around the eyes. Hours of this activity, day after day, year after year, can lead to permanent wrinkles etched across your face. Everyone is at risk and no-one is immune to these annoying sleep line wrinkles


There are three common areas where sleep lines occur: vertically to the eyes, forehead and chin area. A quick way to test for sleep lines is to simply press your hand against your face. You may note that this creates a fold, which over time leads to sleep wrinkles.

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