what is refirme skin-tightening treatment ?

Re-Firme is the perfect anti-aging solution for those interested in targeting the tell-tale signs of aging such as sagginess under the eyes and saggy brow lines, jowl and neck. Unlike conventional laser skin treatments that are sometimes painful, time and treatment-intensive, ReFirme offers a virtually painless and effective treatment for sagging and wrinkled skin. It is a quick, safe, non-surgical process that is effective for skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and full face and neck rejuvenation.

  • Sagging skin and jowling

REFIRME is the latest advancement in non-invasive skin tightening treatments, using the well-known ELOS technology. The REFIRME procedure incorporates a BIPOLAR RADIOFREQUENCY delivery system to improve deep wrinkles and skin laxity. This innovative procedure heats the deep layers of your skin, causing collagen contraction and long-term collagen rebuilding, leaving you with younger looking skin. REFIRME also rejuvenates and firms the skin. The overall improvement in skin texture seen from a REFIRME Treatment will foster a more youthful, toned, luminous and refreshed appearance.

Most patients notice cumulative and gradual results throughout the entire Refirme skin tightening treatment, though best results are approximately three months after treatment. Although it isn’t an instant solution like DERMAL FILLERS, it is a longer lasting solution. The total number of necessary treatments depends on your skin’s particular condition. 3 – 5 sessions is usually recommended spaced at one month intervals with a single maintenance treatment session once or twice per year to maintain your results.

There is no downtime leaving you free to resume your daily activities immediately.

  • Avoid skin irritation or intentional skin tanning. Sunscreen is advisable when outdoors during daylight hours.
  • Discontinue any topical irritant topical agents for 2-3 days prior to treatment.
  • Arrive at treatment with clean skin.

  • Protect the treated area with SPF 30 or higher sunblock and avoid intentional sun tanning in first several days following treatment.
  • Some redness and swelling in the treated area is expected. You may use cold compresses to help reduce these symptoms.
  • Wash the area gently, do not expose the treated area to excess heat or use harsh and/or abrasive products in the treated area for 3 days.