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Fight wrinkles while you sleep, and dream your way to more beautiful, youthful looking skin. The Forever Young by Matty Anti-Ageing Beauty Pillow is a ground-breaking anti-wrinkle promoting pillow that has been designed to cradle the face and neck with a silk finish to support even the most delicate types of skin.

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Benefits of our Latex Pillow:

-Your pillow is roughly 20% of your sleep surface. As a result, it is essential to have a pillow that can accommodate your natural body shape so that you maintain proper posture as you sleep. As latex is extremely dense, it holds its shape and softness for much longer than cotton. Its elastic properties allow it to flex throughout the night so that your sleep is never disrupted.

-Latex pillows offer the perfect combination of firmness and support. While latex is fairly firm, isn’t that firm it will hinder the optimal support of your head and neck area. Latex pillows adjust to your movements and won’t go flat for many years. This means that they never need to be “fluffed.” Whether you sleep on your back or on your sides, latex will provide great support for a great night’s sleep.

-Latex is a very durable and longer lasting product, providing many years of relaxing sleep. Unlike most bedding materials, latex pillows and mattresses will hold their shape for ten years or more.

-The Forever Young by Matty latex pillow are hypo-allergenic mildew-proof and antimicrobial, they will not support the growth of dust mite populations or other common allergens. Making them ideal for people suffering with allergies.

-Our latex pillows are completely natural, so they are better for your health in terms of reducing your exposure to environmental toxins.

-Our natural latex maintains a more consistent temperature than other pillow fillers to ensure that the latex won’t get too hot or cold as room temperatures change during the night.

-Some pillow fillers can change shape because of your body heat or from room temperature changes. However, a natural latex pillow will retain its firmness regardless of the room conditions to ensure that you sleep comfortably without you having to constantly readjust the shape of the pillow.

Benefits of our Pure Silk and Satin Pillow Slips

-Sleeping on silk is great option for helping your skin maintain its natural moisture, as silk helps to keep moisture close to your skin, where as other fabrics on the market absorb your natural moisture and a percentage of any moisturising products you sleep with on your skin.

-Our silk is grown in a controlled and captive environment, free from any pesticides, herbicides and other chemical treatments that some silk companies use, meaning your skin won’t absorb any chemicals grown into the silk as your sleep.

-The natural hypoallergenic properties of our silk pillow slips include a resistance to dust mites, fungus and mold, in addition to many other allergens. Perfect for people with sensitive skin or skin problems.

-Sleeping on a silk pillowcase not only helps your skin stay healthy and smooth, it is also proven the silk and can help reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, as the fabric is much smoother on the skin and mold to our facial shape.


Box includes 2 x Forever Young By Matty Pillows and 2 x Silk Pillow Covers

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Care Instructions


How to air the pillow and for how long

All pillows benefit from a regular airing out and time spent out in the sunshine. Upon receiving the pillow we recommend that you initially air it out for 2-3 hours. Following this initial airing, it is good practice for all bedding to be aired out once a month to maintain super freshness and increase the longevity of your pillow.

How to use the pillow – instructions for user

You will note that your pillow has a taller and shorter side. Depending on your preference of pillow height, position your pillow for comfortability. The pillow is also uniquely designed to cradle your face if you are a side-sleeper.

How to clean your pillow and how often

Never place your latex pillow in the washing machine as this pillow is not made to be fully immersed in water or get wet. Instead, if it has a surface spill or stain, simply dab at the stain with a moist cloth and mild detergent, blot away any excess moisture with a dry towel and leave to dry in a well-ventilated area.

The best way to wash a silk pillowcase

For silk products of any kind, hand-washing is the optimal way to clean without causing damage to the material. Proper hand-cleaning will prolong the life of the silk as well as keep it lustrous even after long periods of usage. Please make sure to use lukewarm water and a gentle, mild cleaner. Once washed, rinse quickly and do not oversoak. Air drying is ideal but you may also opt to tumble dry using a no-heat setting.


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