Fight wrinkles while you sleep, and dream your way to more beautiful, youthful looking skin.

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Benefits of our Pure Silk Pillow Slips:

– Sleeping on silk is great option for helping your skin maintain its natural moisture, as silk helps to keep moisture close to your skin, where as other fabrics on the market absorb your natural moisture and a percentage of any moisturising products you sleep with on your skin.

-Our silk is grown in a controlled and captive environment, free from any pesticides, herbicides and other chemical treatments that some silk companies use, meaning your skin won’t absorb any chemicals grown into the silk as your sleep.

-The natural hypoallergenic properties of our silk pillow slips include a resistance to dust mites, fungus and mold, in addition to many other allergens. Perfect for people with sensitive skin or skin problems.

-Sleeping on a silk pillowcase not only helps your skin stay healthy and smooth, it is also proven the silk and can help reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, as the fabric is much smoother on the skin and mold to our facial shape.


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